Frontier Communications Taps Industry Expertise to Recruit Hugely Successful Sales and Marketing Team

PacTel Solutions launches new local engagement program for leading Telco client

Frontier Communications General Managers Jason Gamble and Henry Van had a pretty good idea which company could help put into operation a new Local Engagement Officer program for his sales and marketing team covering Western Washington.  Gamble has been extremely pleased with the solution provided by Harold Beck and his team at PacTel Solutions.

“I needed someone unique to our industry,” said Gamble.  “Harold has the expertise, experience and, equally important, the relationships to operationalize this new program into our business. He knows how to recruit the right person at the proper compensation.”

Harold and his team have assembled a local dream team consisting of industry experts with years of experience.  As a result, sales for Q4 2010 and the first two months of this year are up significantly.  Gamble is excited about the future of the Direct Sales programs for the rest of 2011.

As your communications company, the new Frontier Communications is ready to keep your conversations going thanks to better phone, internet and video service you can trust.  The Direct Sales program is focused on generating revenue from non-call center customer channels utilizing local engagement teams.  The effort is part of Frontier Communication’s commitment to a local connection with customers.

“We are thrilled at the collaboration and initial success with Frontier Communications on the Direct Sales opportunities,” said Harold Beck, CEO of PacTel Solutions.  “Our ability to assemble a well respected, high energy team that has the knowledge and skillset to lead local teams represents a new revenue stream for clients.”

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