Empire Remodeling/Focus on Design Client Jackie Wilkinson

Anyone who has been through a remodel knows that the destruction of your home and what comes along with that (having to relocate temporarily, leaving the end product up to others you may not know, etc.) can be a bit stressful. However, if you follow Jackie Wilkinson’s advice and turn everything over to Burke and Jeanne Barker of Empire Remodeling and Focus on Design, you can leave your worries at the door.

“Working with Burke and Jeanne makes the project a pleasure,” said Wilkinson. “It’s so easy. Everything is solved. You really have advocates on your side.”

With a new husband at her side, Jackie and Tom had thought about getting a new home, but opted instead to stay in his home. The downside: white walls and d├ęcor that wasn’t in the style of the two as a couple. The upside: a gorgeous view that wasn’t being taken advantage of.

“I showed Jeanne the home and she told me that we could make wonderful changes and we would love it,” said Wilkinson.

The remodel began in September. Walls were torn down, ceilings were raised, and every wall in the house was painted. All of the baseboards in the home were replaced and interior doors and hardware were changed. New cabinetry was made with “built-ins,” hardwood floors were added as were heated tiles in the master bathroom floor.

Not to mention the personal touches along the way.

“We had two fireplaces in the house in which Jeanne personally designed mantles and hearths then had them created and built so that our fireplace in the living room, that used to be a hole in the wall, now looks like a big fireplace in a lodge. It’s beautiful!” said Wilkinson.

Jeanne also coordinated the painting.

“My house is brown with six to eight different tones of brown. They all had to flow together and work together. Jeanne chose every wall, every ceiling, which rooms dark, which light… a major job. You’ve got to be really good to do color. Not only that, but every new door, frame, window, etc. Went from blonde faded wood to a deep, rich brown. If something went up and it wasn’t right, Jeanne would correct immediately. I love it, it’s really warm and welcoming.”

The other aspect of the job the Wilkinson’s were so impressed with was the professionalism of the sub-contractors. They were under pressure to finish the remodel quickly and because Burke and Jeanne put together an amazing team, everyone got along and no one got in each other’s way. Wilkinson said in addition, the crews would clean the place every single day before they left so there was never sawdust lying around or materials. Everything was stacked neatly and swept.

“Jeanne, as part of the team, was also here at least once a day. She would also drop anything and be here three times a day if needed. She was always here. Jeanne was johnny on the spot, working with subs the minute they needed something,” said Wilkinson.

After a few months, the remodel ended in January. Tom and Jackie couldn’t be more impressed.

“It’s a warm and welcoming haven for us. It’s a beautiful home. We can come and go like the empty nesters that we are and every time we come back, we’re just so happy to be here.”