Creating PR Messages- Keep it Simple

One of the toughest PR challenges is to create the messages to help brand a company and its product and services.  The natural inclination is to provide too much information regarding the features, benefits and target audiences.

In my experience, the most successful formula is to create a brand umbrella focused on 3 key messages based on the solution provided to a business challenge and/or opportunity.  Based on this messaging foundation, you can build sub categories to focus on the different vertical markets and sales channels.

This strategy can provide a entry point to help key customers, media, evangelists and prospects easily understand your value proposition.  These groups can then decide to drill down for additional information such as your sub categories.  Your website content can provide further details regarding customer success stories, the latest business and product developments and information on verticals and sales channels.

The bottom line is that all of us are bombarded with too much information on a daily basis.  Your challenge is to quickly communicate a solution to a common challenge and or opportunity using the KISS method to establish an initial entry point.  Utilizing this method, all key groups, including your employees, are singing the same song, so to speak.  As a result, your brand can stand out above the daily “noise” in your relevant markets.