Congratulations Seahawks on Playoff Run

“Congratulations to one of our best clients, Seattle Seahawks, for their amazing playoff run.  In honor of their success, we are highlighting our work at the beginning of their amazing season to install a new scoreboard at the VMAC training camp in Renton.  Coach Carroll requested the new technology to simulate live games.  We look forward to more projects in the future.  Go Hawks!

Seahawks Recruit Sign Factory for Coach Carroll’s New Scoreboard at VMAC Training Camp in Renton

Coach Carroll’s intent to simulate an actual game environment at Seahawks training camp in time for the first practice was no easy project.   He wanted a new scoreboard that was big enough to see from all 3 practice fields.   The Sign Factory was the only local company with the needed equipment and personnel readily available to complete the job under a tight timeline and without damaging the field.

“Installation consisted of standing up 2 huge pipes in concrete without penetrating the membrane mesh protecting the field,” said Jim Risher, President, Sign Factory.   “We were able to deploy our own excavator, crane truck and flatbeds to remove dirt and create the footings large enough to hold the pipes and not destroy the field.”

Seahawks Equipment Director Erik Kennedy was put in charge of the project and wanted a company with a proven track record.  “We chose All American Scoreboards because of their work with teams such as the New York Jets, Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Browns, “said Kennedy.  “It was All American who recommended we hire the Sign Factory to handle what figured to be a tricky installation based on the water and sewer systems, hills and slopes.”

The Sign Factory and Everbrite, the parent company of All American Scoreboards, have a long history of working together to install and service signs for brand name companies such as Subway and Mc Donald’s.  Microsoft’s search engine Bing, which is quickly gaining market share, is the official sponsor of both the training camp and the new scoreboard.  Everett Steel was able to supply the two 12″ square tube pipes to hold the scoreboard in place.

“The team from the Sign Factory, Dennis and Tom, did a phenomenal job of navigating the tough terrain and tight timelines to get the job done,” said Kennedy.  “They were very organized and detailed.  The entire process went smoothly.”

The scoreboard is 24′ tall overall; 8′ tall x 24′ wide with two 3′ x 24′ panels.  The Sign Factory is uniquely positioned to handle the toughest installations.  For more information, call Dennis at 425-822-1200.