Two Elephants Alert Thai Food Lovers to New Restaurant in North Bend Historic Downtown District

It’s not often that you can point out a new restaurant in North Bend’s historic downtown based on a unique sign.  Luckily, for Chang Thai owner Luna Laoharoj, customers can easily pinpoint her establishment even though it’s located in a building not known for restaurants.

“I wanted the sign to match the branding of our main dining room, which features an elephant,” she said.  “A lot of new customers tell me the sign helped them recognize we are here.” Luna opened the specialty restaurant in August of last year.

The sign is a double side projecting illuminated blade sign.  It was 100% designed and engineered in-house, featuring the talents of Shellie Miggins, head of the NEON team.  The vertical blade sign featuring elephants on top is being called a three dimensional lighting phenomenon.

“We are very fortunate to have team members like Sherrie with industry leading experience,” said Jim Risher, President, The Sign Factory.  “The NEON team is the best, receiving regional and national awards for projects such as The Paramount Theatre and from organizations such as Signs of the Times ISA sign contest.”

Luna found The Sign Factory as a result of an Internet search.  Sales team member Erik Stephanides met with her to discuss design and installation.  Luna says she would recommend TSF to other business owners who want to increase visibility.

The Sign Factory specializes in helping establishments such as Chang Thai North Bend, Hit-it-Here CafĂ© at Safeco Field and Tablas Woodstone Taverna make the most of their retail environments with state-of-the-art design and signage.  For more information, call 1-800-585-2066 or visit the Sign Factory website at