Client Success Stories PR Gold

The formula is simple but often complicated for successful companies.  Create custom content for marketing and pr focused on client results.  Your product or service provided a solution to a real challenge or opportunity.  Sharing the client success story is PR Gold.

You may be thinking,  my company has been posting client testimonials on our website for a long time.  To be clear, a client success story is different and requires a little extra effort.  The story is formatted as a short news story focused on the challenge/opportunity and solution.  It reflects industry trends and best practices.

Remember, these days you have to create your own news and think of your website as a newspaper.  Media is overworked, understaffed and short on space.  Short news stories focused on how clients are solving industry issues utilizing your product or service can often be the difference for prospects and help position your company as a leader in its space.

Interestingly enough, satisfied clients are often more than happy to participate.  It’s best to have a marketing/pr professional handle the client outreach.

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