One of Largest Skilled Nursing Facilities in California Reviews Disaster Preparedness Plans

San Diego Healthcare Center works with CBRN Professionals to assess and prepare staff in event of trouble

San Diego- September X, 2010—CBRN Founder Herb Gould has a personal stake in the disaster preparedness plans
for the San Diego Healthcare Center. He has been visiting a family member there on a regular basis for the last 5
years. During his numerous visits he began to wonder whether the facility was ready to respond in the event of a
chemical, biological, radiation or nuclear event.

Gould knew that the center has a Webex generic disaster manual on file but was concerned whether or not it was
up-to-date and that the staff had been adequately trained. “After doing some of my own research on the facility
I approached the Executive Director, Dr Joel Bolton, and offered to conduct a complimentary assessment,” said
Gould. “We conducted a thorough review over a 3 day period.”

San Diego Healthcare Center is one of the five largest Skilled Nursing Facilities in the State of California, its one
of the largest in the United States. The facility has a total of 305 beds, with an 81 bed Dementia Unit, providing
residents with both Short Term Rehabilitation and Long Term Care. The center provides around the clock care and
employees more than 300 staff members.

“We found Herb and his team to be most professional, knowledgeable, and non-intrusive,” said Bolton. “We hardly
knew that they were in the building. We are in the process of implementing their recommendations. I now have a
comfort level that these changes will help protect my residents and staff against possible future disasters.”

Gould wanted to ensure that the facility and its staff were adequately trained to handle threats in the greater San

Diego area as a result of its close proximity to the Mexican border and large concentration of military installations.
Day 1 included a Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Checklist in the form of an interview and walk through with the
maintenance supervisor and Dr Bolton.

Day 2 consisted of awareness and training for front line managers in the event of a chemical, biological, radiation,
nuclear or toxic material event. Day 3 culminated with a session for the housekeeping team to cover best practices
such as gloves and masks. The assessment ended with a summary briefing with the maintenance supervisor and Dr.

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