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Recently I was asked to define the role of coaching within the context of  business consulting and management consulting. I believe the

main ingredient is belief.  Belief in the client, belief in better days ahead, belief  that things can and will change for the better.

Next up is affirmation. Affirm the things the client is doing right. As you work with the client he or she will share beliefs and ideas about there approach to business, management and leadership. Emphatically affirm the beliefs, aasumptions and practices that are spot on.

Through belief and affirmation you can add significant horsepower to the brand by just suggesting the client do what they already know to be true with more confidence, conviction and enthusiasm.

All of your work “especially coaching” is held together by trust. The client needs to know you can be trusted. This means many things. One main point is confidentiality. Share all the good things about your other clients and how we are all working to build the best brands . Never say a negative word about another client or anyone for that matter. If you talk negatively about anyone you loose credibility with the client and in truth yourself as well.

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