Brand Promise

In an earlier post I proposed that  a brand is essentially a promise. I also stated that if we really grasp this idea we have a great shot at building something special. I would like to take a moment and caution you on an obstacle that you will encounter along the way. The obstacle is people, as in employees, customers, vendors and colleagues. Don’t expect everyone to get it right away, they won’t: after all you most likely did not get it right away yourself. Once your promises have revealed themselves as a leader begin to incorporate them into your speech and actions. Keep the promises with employees first, this is internal branding. Gently, consistently, patiently and lovingly beat the branding drum and slowly but surely people will get on board.

As you jump into the world of branding keep these principles in mind:

You establish your brand by building and creating trust in a one-of-a-kind promise about about who you are, what you stand for, and what unique and meaningful benefits you deliver.You grow your brand by keeping your promise every single time people come into contact with your name, your message, or your business.You strengthen your brand by constantly reinforcing your brand promise. If interactions with your brand are inconsistent and not n alignment with what people expect, you are breaking your promise, breaking your brand and risking your reputation and business as a consequence.

Building your brand will take focus, diligence, passion and persistence. Brand building requires money and effort. The payoff, and it is significant, is that good brands build profits, pride and equity for owners.