Authored Articles Equal Industry Leadership

Many C-level execs create and launch industry leading products, services and technologies but often lack the time and internal resources to share successful best practices with their peers, clients and prospects.  A senior marketing/PR professional can collaborate with these execs and related parties to write and pitch articles to industry publications, associations, forums and social media sites.

Recently Thomas Center worked with a client to secure an article in a leading industry magazine.  The piece focused on the successful implementation of a ground-breaking solar energy project to power and illuminate branding signage on a college campus year round, even during long periods of winter darkness.   We conducted short interviews with the exec, select vendors and a college representative to create a 1,000 word story for the August issue.  All parties had final editing and approvals.  The article will appear with the exec’s byline/

Once published, the company can utilize the article in sales and marketing collateral to help position themselves on the cutting-edge of their respective field.  Third party publicity such as this piece can often make the difference for repeat clients and new prospects.