Business Strategy Made Simple

Start with an objective, then determine how you will achieve the objective (strategy), assign responsibility, implement, follow up regularly and make changes to strategy when necessary. Strategy involves focus and therefore, choice. Choice means setting aside some goals in favor of others. Read More

No More Wasted Time!

At a certain point in life we all ask ourselves the question, How do I really want to live my life?" What is truly important to me? What really matters? As we begin to act on the answers to these questions we say "yes" and "no" more often. "Yes" to the things that matter and "No"  to the things that don't. In our businesses this can deeply affect the fundamental way we in which we work. Over the last two years I have witnessed the affect such a shift can have on marketing. It begins with the same realization that we only have a ... Read More

The Top Line Oh Boy! the top line sure ain't what it used to be! The words of a business owner as we talked about the goals of his brand. Like most of us, the last two years have pummeled the brands revenues, in this case  40% decline. As we talked about the brand and its target market, buyer persona's and channels used to reach them a common theme has emerged. What worked in the past is not enough anymore. For those owners and managers of brands who are still committed to growth something has to change. The truth is in the pre 2008 ... Read More

As a  kid in the late 60's  I began my entrepreneurial career as a reseller of glass, primarily pop and beer bottles, we (one of my brothers or a friend) would grab our Radio Flyer wagon (great brand) and hit the streets and alley's in the very small town where I grew up. We would go door to door and ask for empty bottles,rummage through garage's and garbage cans in search of  inventory, our only cost was our time. The Coke bottles brought in the highest revenues and the beer bottles with the ring around the top came in second, at least that's how ... Read More

What Brands Do

Brands are allot like you and me, they build trust and emotional attachments with people who matter to them. As a result they nurture relationships between customers and products or services that withstand pricing wars, transcend offers from new and old competitors and can overcome rare lapses in product or service expectations. And like you and I the best brands don't want  just to be known and trusted, (however that is a good start) no, we want to be loved as well and great brands are loved. My kids have stickers plastered on their motorcycles, guitar cases, on the walls of there rooms. I still wear ... Read More

Brand Promise

In an earlier post I proposed that  a brand is essentially a promise. I also stated that if we really grasp this idea we have a great shot at building something special. I would like to take a moment and caution you on an obstacle that you will encounter along the way. The obstacle is people, as in employees, customers, vendors and colleagues. Don't expect everyone to get it right away, they won't: after all you most likely did not get it right away yourself. Once your promises have revealed themselves as a leader begin to incorporate them into your speech and ... Read More

Who should brand?

Is branding the right step for you and your organization? Here are some questions you can ask yourself. Would your company or product benefit from a clear identity and high awareness? Have you been in business for some time but feel you lack consumer awareness and understanding about who you are and what you stand for? Do you offer excellent products and services but feel that your target market does not know your name and or the unique benefits you offer? Are people in your own company unclear about how to communicate your offerings, your uniqueness, your target market and how you are better than the competition? When you ... Read More

What is a Brand?

It's not that I get asked this question allot, more often than not I am told what a brand is, and it's not that I know better than anyone else what a brand is, although I better Know something. It's that this is a very critical aspect to business building, and to anyone who wishes to save an incredible amount of time and money. The truth is if you begin with the right assumptions and therefore develop the right best practices you can get off to a great start. It means that every stakeholder associated with the brand can have a clear ... Read More

What is Success?

Definition of Success: The last two years with the financial meltdown and the subsequent recession  have produced an environment of contemplation to say the least. With shrinking fortunes, the loss of assets, jobs, marriages, friends and coworkers the admiration of your children have left many of us bewildered confused, depressed and sad. If we find ourselves in one or more of these situations are we failing? Are we a failure? Many find themselves in the midst of the loss of all the above, are they done for? Game over? I guess it depends on how you define success. If you define success by the ... Read More